Joint Statement of Principles for Professional Accreditation

On Wednesday 9 March 2016, Universities Australia and the Australian Councill of Professions ("Professions Australia") signed a landmark agreement which will deliver greater clarity on the respective roles of universities and professional accreditation bodies to ensure graduates are best qualified for the professions they seek to enter. Read the Joint Statement of Principles for Professional Accreditation here. 

The joint Statement was formally signed by President Michael Catchpole (pictured above left) and Chair of Universities Australia, Professor Barney Glover at the Universities Australia Higher Education Conference in Canberra. It is the first document that outlines agreed principles for the operation of professional accreditation of higher education courses in Australia. It also clearly defines roles and responsibilities for the professions and universities as they work together to ensure quality in professional education, which is the foundation to entry to practise as a professional in our country.

The document addresses issues that members of both our organisations have been concerned about for quite some time and now enables a much-desired best-practice approach. It also signals the start of a closer collaboration between Universities Australia and Professions Australia as well as our respective members. We believe that this collaboration will be a sound foundation for our both contributions to 21st Century Australia. The Statement is an essential document for associations who carry out the professional accreditation of university courses as well as those associations who would like to know more about accreditation principles and roles and the responsibilities of universities and professional associations undertaking accreditation.

Read our media release here and the media release from our member Engineers Australia here.

Work is now underway to develop the supporting Guidelines. For more information, contact our CEO Liz Lang on 0400 402 904.

President Catchpole and Professor Glover